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Dr. Garver has a strong passion for her field of clinical psychology. She has had many years of experience working with kids, adolescents and adults. She demonstrates a great work ethic and she has a warm and friendly personality. I highly recommend her!
— Monica P.

Mr. Garver has been a great advocate and attorney who worked diligently to make sure that all the facts and information were available in court. He was organized and strong while representing me and steadfast during the negotiations. I have recommended Steve to a number of friends and colleagues. I am very happy with the way Mr. Garver handled my case
— J.L., via avvo.com

Steve handled my high-pressure, high-profile divorce from start to finish from 2013 to 2014, as well as lingering issues in 2015, with complete professionalism, control, and finesse... Steve has seen it all, and has excellent instincts. He’s not intimidated by anyone on the other side, but does not have to resort to bombast in order to accomplish what you need. His demeanor is quiet, yet very thoughtful, and I found that he is extremely well-regarded by all judges we went before as well as among his fellow attorneys and mediators, which is critically important.”
— First Wife 1 via avvo.com

Dr. Garver has so much experience and training, it really makes a difference! She has a passion for helping people through the difficulties of divorce, especially knowing how to help kids. She and Steve are very ethical and a good team.
— Linda M.